How to Clean Your Car Interior

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We recommend cleaning the interior of your car every two weeks.


Keeping your car clean is not only a necessary task, but it will also reduce allergens. Dirt, dust and pollen can gather in your car just as they do in your home. To cut down on these allergens you need to vacuum your car regularly , we recommend cleaning it every two weeks.   Below, we’ll show you ways to vacuum your car to keep it clean and allergen free.


Step 1). The first step in cleaning your car is to obtain  a high quality vacuum that can manoeuvre into small spaces – no offense to the vacuums at car washes, but they don’t cut it.   In fact, the vacuums at the car wash sometimes increase the dust and dirt in your car.

You should choose one of your own vacuums from your home; a high powered hand held or your home vacuum that has a nozzle attachment. Make sure that you have attachments to reach all the areas in your car.


Step 2). The next step is to remove all large items from your car. These include large pieces of trash (e.g. fast food wrappers) , your CD case, and remove the floor mats.


Step 3).  Clean the glass first. Clean the windows with a spray cleaner such as Windex and paper towels.


Step 4).  Next, vacuum your dashboard. You want to use the attachment that has a soft brush. It’s essential to clean this area and vacuum up dust, otherwise these particles will ultimately fall into the air vents and you will be breathing this dusty, recirculated air next time you drive. Go over  the radio and air, heating control buttons, etc. until you have finished this area.


Step 5). You are now ready to start to vacuuming the interior. We suggest starting with the top of your seats and working your way down. The rationale behind this approach is that some dust will fall to the bottom of the car when you do so, which you can eventually vacuum up when you work your way to the bottom.

Start with the head rest of your seats and go down. When you have reached the seats of your car you may want to change the attachment on your vacuum so you can get between the seats and go under your seats to catch dirt underneath. When you have that area vacuumed, then you can start of the floors of your car. You can use a small attachment to go over your floor pedals when you have reached the front of the car.


Step 6). When you have the whole car vacuumed you can now vacuum your floor mats. Make sure you shake the floor mats out before vacuuming. Obviously, you want to shake the mats outside of your car Vacuum the floor mats with a flat vacuum attachment and go over the floor mats a couple of times to ensure you have all the dirt.


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